Made Cold Solutions

We are able to provide cold brew for any event. Bottles, On Tap (Draft & Keg), or OEM. Brewed locally, Made Cold is perfect for any event.

1. For bottles, check out our catalogue of coffees and teas

2. For Tap, we offer you our classic Nitro Cold Brew for both coffee and tea. We are also able to provide cocktails on tap.

3. OEM: For specific themed events, we offer customized products that tailor to all your event needs. Just send us an inquiry!

Need A Quote?

Send us a WhatsApp with the following information:

How many people are attending your event?

What is the date & time of your event?

Do you need a space to be set-up by us? (E.g. table, decorations etc.)

Would you like your cold brew in bottles or from the tap (draft & keg system)?