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Telephone: (+65) 9389 1128

  Coffee Consultation 

We offer coffee experience-design solutions for your office, pantry or boutique hotel. Our consult includes recommendations for space layout, equipment and a customized beverage menu for hot & cold coffee.

We can also create bespoke recipes that best suit your clientele, environment and brand.

If you are interested in creating your own coffee or tea beverage, or set-up a keg system, our team can help you pair our coffee & tea with your existing products.

Best suited for:

  1. Independent Cafes & Retailers
  2. Private Labels
  3. Retailers
  4. Events/Weddings/Trade Shows

    For us to better help you, please include details in 'message'  box with the following information:

    1. For Wholesale 
    2. For Private Labels
    3. For Event & Trade Shows (Please include details of tradeshow)