Recipe Creators

We are creators first and foremost. We engineer flavors and curate experiences. Every single one of our recipes is original and unique - designed from scratch to suit your brand's (personal or otherwise) unique needs and wants.

Shelf Life Stability

Due to our industrial-grade preparation and packaging practices, we are the only manufacturer in Singapore that can offer shelf-life stability without any additives or preservatives - just pure, unadulterated flavor.


We've helped dozens of local businesses get started on their cold brew product/event journey, and hosted our fair share ourselves. We're here to help you bring out the best your brand has to offer - expediently and discreetly.

Cold Brew Events

The only thing we value as much as the quality of our products is your experience while savoring them. Catering is about more than just delivering food or beverages, and we take that seriously. Just take a look at our past events to see how.