What is Cold Brew?

Cold Brew is a coffee drink made with clean filtered water and freshly roasted coffee.It is brewed over a time period of 18-24 hours to bring out the best flavour, mouthfeel and depth. We achieve optimal taste by careful controlling the brew process and using the best coffee. Cold Brew coffee made by us is rich, flavourful and delicious.  It is great drunk black or with milk & sugar added.

Brewed Locally

Made Cold is Singapore’s homegrown manufacturer and supplier of cold brew beverages in a commercial set up. We roast our coffees here in Singapore and source our greens with taste flavours we hope to achieve in the finish product. Every drink is made with care from natural ingredients. 



Quality - No Preservatives

There are no preservatives in our product - only best quality coffee and pure water. At the moment the certified shelf life is 3 weeks, but we expect to have certification soon to guarantee 8 weeks of shelf life.

Made Cold products should be treated as a fresh ingredient and best kept in the chiller at all times. 

Delicious & Creative

Made Cold explores the world of coffee and tea, aiming to create a new line of delicious coffee and tea products. We constantly aim to partner with creatives and people who love to create and make changes to the industry, in a fun way! 

Certified Food Safe Environment

Our site is in an AVA approved facility where we do our magic of brewing and mass bottling of our cold brew beverages – so our drinks are perfect for resale by businesses in the retail business.