What is Cold Brew?

Made Cold's Cold Brew

Cold brew is a beverage made from clean water filtered through freshly roasted ground coffee or tea. It is brewed over a time period of 18-24 hours to bring out the best flavor, mouthfeel and depth. We achieve optimal taste by carefully controlling the brewing process and using coffee or tea roasted specifically for this purpose. Cold brew made by Made Cold is well-balanced, leaving clean and flavorful aftertastes.  It is great consumed straight-up black or with our combination of recipes. 

Brewed Locally

Made Cold is Singapore’s homegrown supplier of cold brew beverages in a commercial beverage facility. Besides this, we do our utmost best to partner with a roaster and tea blender that care about where we source our ingredients and, in return, is able to interpret our flavors through different coffee and tea origins. Every drink is made with care from natural ingredients. 

Certified Food Safe Environment

We manufacture our products in an SFA approved facility. We are also ISO certified. We create our best brewing magic and mass bottling of our cold brew beverages in a food-safe environment ensuring that our drinks are perfect for consumption to the public.