What is Cold Brew?

Made Cold's Cold Brew

Cold brew is a beverage made from clean, cold water, filtered through freshly roasted coffee or tea. It is brewed for 18-24 hours to bring out the subtle flavors traditional brewing methods tend to overpower. We carefully control everything from coffe/tea selection, to grinding, roasting, and brewing to achieve optimal taste. Made Cold's cold brew is well-balanced, with clean and flavorful afternotes. It always goes down smoothly - regardless of whether its consumed jet-black or as part of one of our recipes.

Brewed Locally

Made Cold is Singapore’s premiere homegrown supplier of cold brew beverages. We manufacture all of our products in a commercial beverage facility with unwavering quality control standards. We source all of our ingredients from partners that care about and understand the vision behind our products and add to it through their deep understanding of the humble coffee bean and tea leaf. Every single drink we make is brewed with care from natural ingredients. 

Certified Food Safe Environment

We manufacture our products in an SFA approved facility. We are also ISO certified. We only ever work our brewing and bottling magic in a food-safe environment, and go above and beyond when it comes to hygiene enforcement - ensuring that our drinks are long-lasting and always safe for consumption.