Our Story

"Made Locally. Made with Quality. Made Well." 

Cold Brew Coffee served with Milk | Made Cold Singapore

Made Cold is the one-stop shop for all your cold brew needs.

We are a team of F&B professionals with experience in end-to-end manufacturing, retail, and wholesale of tea & coffee product. We have created a line of premium cold brew beverages that's equally accessible to F&B retailers, offices, events, distributors and the lone consumer. We disrupt the local supermarket beverage aisle by delivering affordable Singaporean products without compromising when it comes to taste or quality. We are changing the world — starting with our Little Red Dot — one cold brew at a time.


It began with coming home.
In April 2016, Made Cold’s founder, Marilyn Eng, returned home to Singapore bringing along with her invaluable experiences from working in the coffee industry across Europe and North America. She saw an opportunity to share her love for coffee and her expertise in the nascent cold brew coffee scene in Singapore and South East Asia.

Why Cold Brew?
Because we live in Singapore, we only have one season and an insatiable appetite for cold drinks on a sunny day! Next time you're feeling like an iced kopi, grab a cold brew! The cold brew brewing process brings out flavor profiles you might not even know coffee could have. Trust us, your palette will thank you.

Our promise to you
At Made Cold we brew our beverages in a food-safe environment suitable for hotels, coffee shops and commercial retailers. We consistently provide convenient, quality products that are just as easy to serve as they are delicious. All of our beverages are the result of unique recipes prepared with first-class, natural ingredients.