Our Story

"Made Locally. Made with Quality. Made Well." 

Cold Brew Coffee served with Milk | Made Cold Singapore

Made Cold is the one-stop shop for a diversity of cold beverages.

 We are a team of F&B professionals with experience in retail, turn-key solutions, coffee roasting and training. We have created a line of cold brew products and beverages easily accessible and convenient to F&B retailers, offices, events, distributors and the everyday consumer.

We disrupt the beverage aisle in the local supermarket by delivering products with premium taste and quality. We believe that cold brew will change the world.


It began with coming home.
In April 2016, Made Cold’s founder, Marilyn Eng, returned home to Singapore bringing along with her invaulable experience from working in the coffee industry across Europe and North America. She saw an opportunity to share her love for coffee and her expertise in the nascent cold brew coffee scene in Singapore and South East Asia.

Why Cold Brew?
Because we live in Singapore, where there’s only one season and no lack for an insatiable appetite for a cold drink at any time of day! Don’t you want an option to your hot kopi and then some more?

Unlike iced kopi, cold brew is made with freshly roasted beans brewed over an extensive time resulting in a beverage that is delicious, rich, smooth, and flavourful. 

Our promise to you
At Made Cold we brew our beverages in a food-safe environment suitable for hotels, coffee shops and commercial retailers. We provide quality products with consistency that is convenient to serve and delicious. All our beverages originate from one-of-a-kind recipes with natural and simple ingredients that have been tried and tested.