Our Story

"Made Locally. Made with Quality. Made Well." 

Cold Brew Coffee served with Milk | Made Cold Singapore

Made Cold 

Upon her return from NYC to Singapore in April 2016, founder Marilyn Eng returned from her work in the coffee industry in Europe and North America and spotted an opportunity to leverage her expertise in the nascent cold brew coffee scene of her native Singapore. 

In Singapore, both on the shelves of grocery store and at retailers, there is hardly a cold brew that is rarely of premium tastes and quality. Eventually, Made Cold is birthed, because the founders are not only crazy about coffee, but they are also eager to create a product that is not yet in the existing market. They wish to bring into the Singapore market, products that are already highly successful in North America and UK. 

We hope to be “THE” craft cold beverage company that offers assorted cold brew items for purchase. 

- Our Mission - 

Our company is in the business of service and providing a range of products that add to a better well-being of self and others. We will keep brewing and sourcing great products that we are proud to use - natural and simple ingredients with quality.  

- Our Vision - 

We hope to enhance lives through how we do business, in our sourcing and treatment of those we work with and providing great quality service and products.