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Yenni Draws Exclusive Postcards

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With every $50 and above purchase of products from the Made Cold General Store, you can buy either a pack of 5 or a pack of 10 of Yeni's exclusive postcards sold only exclusively here at Made Cold. A perfect way to stay connected with people in your life by writing them a card. 

Each pack contains assorted designs.

About the artist:

I've always enjoyed drawing and see the colours in everything!

My best friend convinced me to start @yenidraws in Feb 2019. Initially it was more for sharing my artwork then I started receiving commission work which completely blew my mind.

I started participating in some markets including Neon Market at Gardens by the Bay, that’s when I felt lifted. My artwork is genuinely appreciated by mind-alikes out there.

Ultimately I hope to have a stationery & kitchen range of products e.g Melamine cups, tea towels and tote bags.