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Party On The Internet - Care Package

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Zoom or Houseparty? Let us bring the party to your home with this care package. Now you can party with your friends online while sipping wine and cocktails all in one sitting. Don't slow down the party just because you have to stay at home.


1x Red or White wine
1x Rojak Gin cocktail set OR Chendol Gin cocktail set

Wine options:

Boutet Saulnier Vouvray Sec 2017
Round refreshing honey, crisp apples and wet stones. Versatile white wine, as an apéritif or with food. From the Loire Valley, France.

No. 29 Quai des Chartrons Bordeaux Supérieur 2014
Ripe blackcurrants, fruits of the forest, toasty vanilla. Classy red wine, wonderful on its own or with food. From Bordeaux, France.

Gin set options:

Rojak Gin Set:

  • Rojak Gin (250ML) x 1
  • C (Campari, 100ML) x 1
  • V (Coffee Vermouth, 100ML) x 1
  • Ice Cream Soda (325ML) x 1
  • Double Dutch Indian Tonic Water (200ML) x 2
  • B (Campari, 15ML) x 1
  • Jigger x 1
  • Compendium Signature Cocktail Recipe x 2

Chendol Gin Set:

  • Chendol Gin (250ML) x 1
  • S (Sling Mix, 100ML) x 1
  • A (Angostura Bitters, 10ML) x 1
  • Pineapple Juice (325ML) x 1
  • Mango Juice (250ML) x 1
  • Orange Juice (200ML) x 1
  • Double Dutch Skinny Tonic Water (200ML) x 2
  • Jigger x 1
  • Compendium Signature Cocktail Recipe x 2