Made Cold is Singapore’s homegrown manufacturer and supplier of cold brew beverages in a commercial set up. We roast our coffees here in Singapore and source our greens with taste flavours we hope to achieve in the finish product. Every drink is made with care from natural ingredients.

Made Cold’s aim is to brew a range of naturally healthy, locally produced, high quality beverages that appeal to a broad range of discerning consumers. We supply to cafes, restaurants, offices as well as catering for conferences, trade shows and pop-up events. Made Cold produces beverages under its own brand and also works with roasters and F&B outlets to create bespoke recipes and manufacture white-labelled products. 

Made Cold's vision is to be “THE” craft beverage brewery that offer both our house brands and white labels through Made Cold for distribution and online retail purchase. We aim to create a line of premium delicious beverages for B2B, serving cafes and restaurants, offices and events.

Made Cold's solution is to create a channel where business owners are able to serve coffee or/and tea beverage that is ready to drink without involving labour. We hope to provide better beverages that target at companies wanting to offer better staff perks and better quality beverages that is made locally and yet accessible to companies that wants a strong sense of “quality, freshness and made locally”.


Ready to drink

A blend of two continents, Brazil and Sumatra, rich, sweet and caramel that instantly refreshes you and energize you. Perfect for on the go days. Grab, open and drink. Available in packs of 6 / 12 / 24. 

Available in 330 ml

-Keep refrigerated-



Brewed over an extremely lengthy period of time to create a potency and richness that is used as a base for cocktails, coffee recipes or cooking. Great for party and diluted to the strength one enjoys.

Available in 2 Litres

-Keep refrigerated-

Cold Brew Coffee on Tap

Nitro Keg

Extra smooth, creamy and looks like Stout. Best enjoyed on its own and allow your palette to enjoy the natural sweetness of the cold coffee. A very refine way of enjoying cold brew. A little goes a long way.

Available in 2 Litres

-Keep refrigerated-


For Events, Tradeshows & Large Groups

Available for large groups or events in 2 options: Bottles / On Tap (Draft & Keg). If you need a space to be set-up, that could be arranged for too!





For Wholesale & White Labeling

Large quantity supplies available for cafes, restaurants, hotels& offices. We also provide white labeling services for large orders.